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Ermile Benefits

Choosing the best place as a job is most important for professional people. Ermile team which is made by young proficient people, pleasant environment, dynamic and energetic sincere motivate for those who are interested at co-operate.

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    Working as a team helps in quickly improvement of work and also easily figuring out a problem.

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    Free working hours

    There is no any restriction about working hours. You can work every day for the whole week including Fridays and holidays from morning till night.

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    Exciting work environment

    You can work with talented and friendly group of people in a cheerful and dynamic environment of Ermile

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    Specialist Team

    Our experience that made of working with Specialist people cause perfect feeling in our team.

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    Lofty goals

    Having high and lofty goals are the main reasons for rapid progress of any company.

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    A pleasant green environment

    Green, beautiful and peaceful environment of Ermile makes you feel energetic, encouraged and at peace while you're at work.

Steps to join Ermile


Send CV


Initial Interview


Specialized Interview


Final agreement


Motive is the major factor for any person to be successful in work and that demands enthusiastic, keen and eager people that can help us reach our goal

Lofty projects need great thoughts and these great thoughts help us to reach valuable And huge goals. And that demands enthusiastic, keen and eager people that can help us reach our goal

We all are always trying to make Ermile’s working environment as a pleasant, energetic and successful place for our team.

Working as a teamwork in Ermile helps us to acquire more power to reach our great aims.

Having creative and self-starter colleagues helps us to step quickly towards our goals.

Be a coworker who is ingenious cause us to do our project fast.


Age does not matter for us. Having the above qualities are enough to be a member of Email.

Academic certificates are not important for us. Having a good and well knowledge about the related subject is enough for us.

  • Job opportunity in Ermile

  • PHP developer

  • JavaScript developer

  • Graphic Designer

  • Expert in PHP and ability to analyze the codes

    Familiar with some PHP frameworks

    Familiar with OOP and MVC

    Familiar with database

    Familiar with Git

    Creative and systematic

    Fall in love with Documentation

  • Expert in Html, Css, JavaScript and ability to analyze codes

    Familiar with JavaScript frameworks

    Familiar with UX

    Familiar with database

    Familiar with Git

    Creative and systematic

    Fall in love with Documentation

  • Ability of designing professionally(Logo and illustration)

    Familiar with Adobe Photoshop

    Familiar with Adobe Illustrator

    Familiar with essential traditional Iranian and Islamic art

    Familiar with graphic basics

    Familiar with web and user interface

    Familiar with color

    Creative and systematic

Be sure your CV must contain...!

  • Kindly mention your contact number properly so we can contact you easily.

  • Don’t forget your social network links especially LinkedIn.

  • It’s better if your CV is in one page and be sure it should not be more than 3 pages.

  • Writing about your experience and your skills in your CV helps us to check your CV properly and hastily.

  • If you have any work experience, kindly provide complete information about it in your CV.

  • Be sure to mention your personal information, picture and Interests.

  • Please note down your CV with a suitable font and it should be in pdf file.

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